Najla Shawkat Fitouri
at Corinthia, St George, St Julian, Malta
6th - 20th January 2014

Najla Shawkat Fitouri

Najla Shawkat Fitouri

Najla Shawkat Fitouri

Najla Shawkat Fitouri

Najla Shawkat Fitouri was born in Libya in 1968. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Arts, University of Tripoli.

Fitouri's paintings focus on Libyan women with her colourful and dramatic interpretations of their lifestyle. Her work touches upon a constantly evolving female identity, reflecting on her personal and collective worries, as well as addressing the emotional pain at times experienced with moments of happiness.

She plays with a very strong and vibrant paint palette and is always pushing the boundaries, testing different forms and art technique as well as inventing new ones. Often, she produces an exotic signature imagery that speaks volumes about Libya and the place of its women.

Statement by Najla Fitouri on her artwork:

"I try to open a dialogue with myself through colour, as colour can neither be monitored nor controlled politically. To me, colour is the creative language that is innocent but that can also question the spirit and the political realm.

"The challenge before the Revolution was how to use and manipulate colour as a way to translate my inhibitions and insights. Now post-Revolution, the fight is for my freedom away from the political.

"Today, there is also a need for more work to be produced but not repeated. Now, I can be more exploratory and fearless through my paintings. It is an adventure that requires a struggle to meet the ultimate goal and to reach a wider audience. It is the same as the adventure of Life itself."

Najla Shawkat Fitouri's work has been exhibited in Libya, Switzerland, France, UK, USA, Malta and Iraq. She is also a member of the International Union of Plastic Art.
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